Jenis-jenis fastener

1. Bolt (Baut) - penulis belum bisa memberikan kesimpulan kode AN nya
2. Nuts (Mur) - AN3XX
3. Rivet (rivet) - AN4XX
4. Screw (sekrup) - AN5XX
5. Washer (mirip ring) - AN9XX
6. Quick - release fastener

Bolts (Baut) dan Nuts (Mur)
Hex head AN 3 through AN 20 bolts is an all purpose structural bolt (General Purpose) for general application (tension and shear load) light drive fit.

Identification AN 4-12
4 = Diameter in 1/16 “ increments
12 = Length in 1/8” increments

3 = Diameter 3/16"
DD = Double Dash -> Material 2024 (Aluminium alloy tembaga)
5 = Panjang Grip 5/8"

Kesimpulan dasar, ukuran diameter bolt tiap 1/16", kalau panjang 1/8".

Non Self-Locking
Plain hex nut, Carrying large tensional load,

Plain check nut, As a locking device for plain nut

Castle nut, Large tension load accommodate a cotter pin or lockwire

Castellated shear nut, Subject to shearing stress

Light hex nut, and Light tension

Wing nut.

Self-locking Nut
locking included as integral part

Special Nut
Anchor Nut
Sheet Spring Nut

Klincher locknut, dengan menggunakan banyak tambahan washer


Kesimpulan, pada nut/mur ukuran di nyatakan dalam diameter tiap 1/16" sama seperti bolt. AN310 Castle Nut, AN320 Castellated shear Nut.

Selanjutnya pada part 2 membahas :

Washer (mirip ring)
Rivet (rivet)
Screw (sekrup)
Quick - release fastener

Class of Fit (Thread - ulir).
Threads are designated by Class fit of a thread indicates the tolerance allowed in manufacturing: Class 1 is a LOOSE fit,
Class 2 is a FREE fit,
Class 3 is a MEDIUM fit,
 Class 4 is a CLOSE fit, and
Class 5 is a TIGHT fit.

Aircraft bolts are almost always manufactured in the Class 3, medium fit.