Rivet secara umum dikategorikan menjadi 2 yaitu solid shank dan spesial rivet (blind rivet).
berikut blind rivet,
berikut ini rivet solid shank yang biasa digunakan di pesawat.
Identifikasi menurut AN Standard

AN426 or MS20426 C-sunk head 100O
AN430 or MS20430 Round head
AN441 Flathead
AN456 Brazier head
AN470 or MS20470 Universal head.

Identifikasi berdasarkan Letter

“A” Al All, 1100 or 3003 composition
“AD” Al All, 2117-T composition
“D” Al All, 2017-T composition
“DD” Al All, 2024-T composition
 “B” Al All, 5056 composition
 “C” Copper
 “M” Monel
Absence of a letter following AN standard and number indicates a rivet manufacture from mild steel.

Contoh :
There five grades available: 
  • 1100 rivet, (99.45% pure al alloy) for riveting non structural (strength is not factor), 
  • 2017-T and 2024-T rivets, these rivets are annealed and must be kept refrigerated until they are to be driven. 
  • 2017-T app 1 hrs, 2024-T 10-20 min be driven after remove from refrigeration. (same size 2217-T rivet), used in al alloy structure, more strength is needed. 
  • 2117-T (field rivet) ready for used, no need further heat-treating or annealing, used for riveting al alloy structure. 
  • 5056 rivets used for riveting magnesium alloy its corrosion-resistant in combination with magnesium.